Only the best components on the market are used and all parts are dimensioned to the pressure and temperature, which could occur. System is made to highest Danish standard and is marked according to CE rules.

The high-pressure pump is delivered from the worlds leading producer and as a standard, it is supplied with a thermostatic drain valve to avoid any heating to take place.


The humidifying units are optimised to have the best absorption of the water to the air. The energy consumption is for some types as low as 1W/litre water. For rooms with low sealing height we produce a type of humidifier developed for this purpose.


The control of the humidity is state of the art, by using digital signals to avoid electrical interferences.

We also deliver a full programme in:

  • Low pressure nozzle system
  • Process humidification
  • Water softening systems
  • Reverse osmosis desalination systems
  • Filter systems
  • UV - water sterilisation

    Please contact us for an offer including:

  • A tailor made system at your demand
  • A better working environment
  • Better quality in your production
  • Service