Why humidify the air?

Many materials give and take humidity depending on the humidity in the air. By this, the conditions of the material are changed - i.e. cracks in wood, broken paper, static electricity, measurement stability are some of the factors, which depends on a constant humidity.

At 20C, air by Rh % 50 contains app. 8,5 g water/m air.

By suction, heating and ventilation, the humidity and temperature are changed in storerooms and production locations. Most of the year the outside air is so dry that it is necessary to supply humidity to the inside air.

A cold winter day, the air only have a content of 2,5 g water/m, therefore it is necessary to add water to the air to obtain the correct humidity.


The most cost effective way to add humidity is by using high-pressure humidification.

dansk klimasystem produces high-pressure humidification systems by using state of the art techniques.


The high-pressure humidification system has the advantage by:

  • Full automatic system
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Digital humidity and temperature displaying
  • High technical standard - high reliability
  • Non dripping construction
  • Module construction - cost efficient
  • UV-filtering - bacterial sterilisation
  • Good coverage in the rooms
  • Low noise level
  • High service level